Hubei Kaixin Supply Chain Management Co.Ltd

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Our History:

our company was founded in 2009, with registered capital of 1008 0 thousand yuan, It is the only private enterprise in Hubei Province.

Our Product:

Cold work die steel, hot die steel, plastic mold steel

Product Application:

Machinery、Electronics、Automotive、Aerospace、Light industry、Military、Transportation 、Building materials、Medical、Biological Energy and other manufacturing area .

Our Certificate:

The company has got "the Class-four Transport Qualification" issued by the State Minister of Transport, "The listed-in Large Transport Category Business," and "the Qualified Import and Export Trade Transportation Company" issued by the Commercial Ministry of China. And the company has got the ISO 9001 quality management system certification. 

Production Equipment:

Smelting equipment 3 tons, 4 tons of electric furnace, 0.5 tons, 1 ton, 3 tons, 5 tons of electroslag furnace, of which 3 tons, 5 tons of electroslag furnace with double refining large steel ingot function, steel processing equipment: Auxiliary equipment, gas furnace, continuous heating furnace, the end of the furnace, electric annealing furnace. Full hydraulic electric grinder peeling machine, electric band saw, gantry sawing machine. Detection equipment with chemical analysis, physical testing, mechanical performance testing of advanced equipment.

Production Market

It is the only private enterprise in Hubei Province. Since the establishment of the company, it has many years' strategic cooperation with large fortune 500 companies in the business, such as China State Power Corporation, China Huadian Corporation, BASF group and other large enterprises. Especially the company has richly experienced in wind power projects of large equipment transport, 3.0MW wind power equipment transportation management and operation of accumulated unique experience.

Our service:

24 hour Manual service.