Piezoelectric Analog Pressure Transducer

Quick Details Place of Origin: Hubei, China (Mainland) Brand Name: KAIXIN Usage: Pressure Sensor Theory: Piezoelectric Pressure Transducer Output: Analog Sensor Type1: gauge/absolute pressure transducer Housing Materials: Stainless Steel Range: -1Bar to 600Bar Optional Output:: 4-20 mA,0~5V,0~10...

Product Details

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Hubei, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: KAIXIN

Usage: Pressure Sensor

Theory: Piezoelectric Pressure Transducer

Output: Analog Sensor

Type1: gauge/absolute pressure transducer

Housing Materials: Stainless Steel

Range: -1Bar to 600Bar Optional

Output:: 4-20 mA,0~5V,0~10 V,0.5~4.5 V

Power Supply: 12~36VDC,5VDC

Water Proof: IP65, IP67 optional

Certificate: CE

Features of Pressure Transducer

1.All welded 316L housing

2.Imported Germany Silicon sensors, 5-10 years life design

3.Military level of printer PCB board, Anti-Jamming enhanced 300%, Stability of Circuit>10 years

4. Linear Amplified Output

5. Automatic temperature compensation -40~80,Temperature drift Automatic modified linear  ≤0.01%FS

6. Superior Long term Stability

7. Excellent Repeat ability/Hysteresis

8. EMI/RFI Rejection

9. Low power consumption

10. Ten million cycle life expectancy

11. Outstanding shock& vibration performance 

Safe Overload: 150% F.S.(standard)

Burst Pressure: 300% F.S. (standard)

Accuracy:(Linearity Hysteresis Repeatability) ≤ ±0.5%F.S ≤ ±0.25%F.S Including non-lin., rep. and hys. Optional

Total Error Band: 

0...50 °C max. ±1,0 %FS 

-10...80 °C max. ±1,5 %FS

Long Stability: Standard: 0.2%F.S±0.05%

Working/Storage Temp: -30°C~100°C

Insulate resistance: >100M Ω @100V

Zero Temp. Drift: 0.03%FS/°C(≤100kPa),  0.02%FS/°C(>100kPa)

Body materials: 304/316 stainless steel (standard); 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel optional

Electronic connection: 

-DIN43650 Hirschman Connector, 4-Pins and IP65.

-Fixed cable and water proof IP68

-M12 Connector, 4Pins and IP65 optional.


connect port: G1/4’’male, G1/2’’male, 1/4’‘NPT male, 1/2’‘NPT male and female optional. (by customized)

Dimension: Length: 120 mm (standard); Body diameter: 27 mm (standard). *special size by requested*

Water Proof: IP65

Response time: ≤10ms

Endurance: >10 million cycles, 0…100 %FS at 25°C

Options: Temperature Range Other temperature ranges on request. Maximal range: -40…+120 °C

Oil Filling Fluorocarbon oil (O2-compatible), olive-oil, lowest temperature oil (-55 °C)

Pressure Connection, Electrical Connection Others on request

Electronic Wire:

     2 Wires

                      3 Wires


                3 Wires



                 0~5V, 0-10V


Power Supply:

 12~36 V DC

                  12~36 V DC

                5V DC



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