Application of Series Compound Cold Working Die Steel in Mold Making

- Nov 16, 2017-

Application of Series Compound Cold Working Die Steel in Mold Making

The main cold-working method of many plate parts is stamping, and the key of the quality of stamping parts mainly depends on the die. With the application of advanced stamping technology and the rapid development of Chinese manufacturing industry, the life expectancy of the die is getting higher and higher, Performance requirements of the mold material is also more and more.

Currently used in high-grade die steel mainly from Sweden, Japan, the United States, Germany, Austria and other countries imports, from reducing imports and increase localization rate of view. Require domestic mold steel to further increase variety, specifications, to ensure the stability of quality. To meet the growing needs of the domestic mold manufacturing industry. The newly developed series of composite cold-work die steels of Dalian saint company have reliable quality and the price is far lower than that of imported powdered steel. Therefore, it is widely used to improve the quality of domestic molds, promote the development of our industry and bring considerable economic benefits benefit.


The project uses patented composite technology and composite die steel heat treatment technology, make full use of large forging ratio can reduce the ledeburite (high alloy cold die steel) carbide heterogeneity characteristics, instead of using steel plate to play a ledeburite steel High strength, good wear resistance; take high-alloy cold-work die steel and high strength and toughness of carbon steel or high cr steel composite into a good overall performance of the composite cold-work die steel to give full play to these two kinds of steel The advantages. Special cold-working die steel for the production of cold-work die steel so far at home and abroad have not, so the development of composite cold-work die steel is an international initiative. The project has applied for national invention patents, and won the national new invention award.

In 2007, M2 / 5crMuMo composite cold-work die steel has been successfully made into high-speed steel M2 steel and medium-carbon steel 5CrMnMO for the production of rolling plates, chain dies and the like (all of which increase the service life more than double). Now we have developed a series of composite cold-work die steels for various working conditions (patented smelting R42 high-speed steel panels, including high-grade, mid-grade and ordinary ones) to meet aerospace, marine, military, machinery and mold manufacturing industries The demand for advanced die steel, not only to overcome the mold due to lack of material toughness and instantaneous failure risk, improve product quality, but also greatly reduce the cost of use.

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