Cr12, Cr12MoV, Cr12Mo1V1 three kinds of mold steel difference

- Dec 21, 2017-

Cr12, Cr12MoV, Cr12Mo1V1 three kinds of mold steel difference


chemical composition(%): 

Si (≤0.40); Mn (≤0.40); S (≤0.030); P (≤0.030)

Cr (11.50 ~ 13.00); Co (≤1.00); Ni allows residual content ≤0.25; Cu allows residual content ≤0.30

Performance: hardness: annealing, 269 ~ 217HB, indentation diameter 3.7 ~ 4.1mm; quenching, ≥ 58HRC is a widely used cold work die steel, high carbon, high chromium type ledeburite, with better hardenability Sex and good wear resistance. As the steel carbon content of up to 2.30%, so the steel becomes hard and brittle, so poor ductility, almost can not afford a large impact load, easy to brittle fracture, and easy to form uneven eutectic carbide.

Uses: Used to make all kinds of cold die with complicated shape and heavy working conditions, such as die of cold die, thread rolling die, drawing die, die, metallurgy powder mold, woodworking cutting tool, cold cut scissors drill sleeve and gauge Other tools


 chemical composition(%): 

Si (≤0.40); Mn (≤0.40), P (≤0.030); S (≤0.030);

Cr (11.0 ~ 12.50); V (0.15 ~ 0.30); Mo (0.40 ~ 0.60)

Performance: hardness: annealing, 255 ~ 207HB, indentation diameter 3.8 ~ 4.2mm; quenching, ≥ 60HRC. Hardenability, hardness after quenching and tempering, strength, toughness higher than the CR12, the diameter of 300 ~ 400mm below the work can be fully hardened, quenching small deformation, but poor high temperature plastic.

 Uses: Used to make large cross-section, complex shape, heavier workload of the mold and tools such as punching die, trimming die, trimming die, embossing die, thread rolling mold, thread rolling plate, standard tools And measuring tools.


chemical composition(%): 

 C (1.40 ~ 1.60); Si (≤0.60); Mn (≤0.60);

Cr (11.50-13.0); Mo (0.70-1.20); P (≤0.030); S (≤0.030); V (≤1.00); Co

Performance: Hardness: Annealing, ≤255HB, indentation diameter ≥3.8mm; Quenching, ≥59HRC Cr12Mo1V1 is a widely used high-carbon high chromium cold work tool steel in the world. It belongs to Ledeburite steel and has high hardenability, Hardenability and high wear resistance; high temperature oxidation resistance, quenching and polishing resistance to corrosion, heat deformation is small. High-carbon, high-chromium type of martensitic steel, cobalt is not required as a plus element without special requirements. As the content of molybdenum and vanadium is higher than that of Crl2MoV, the microstructure and grain size of steel are further refined and the hardenability, strength and toughness of steel are improved, so that the comprehensive properties of steel are better.

Uses: Used for the manufacture of large-scale complex cold die requiring high wear resistance, such as cold-cut scissors, trimming die, drawing die, thread rolling plate, thread rolling mold, curling mold and require high wear-resistant cold punches and punches .

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