Die steel should be based on the quality of development

- Jul 19, 2017-

For die steel, the industry must not be unfamiliar, but the quality of domestic mold steel? How can we say only to improve, our die steel in order to enter the ranks of the international advanced level, but also need to speak with quality.

The development of die steel industry in the world is more rapid, but the quality of domestic die steel can not meet the requirements of steel, so the die steel industry in our country must improve its own product quality. According to relevant personage analysis, the following ways can effectively improve the quality of die steel, and promote the development of domestic die steel industry.

First, we should increase investment in new mold steel R & D funds, and rapidly develop a number of new die steels which are in line with international standards, and promote production;

Second, the establishment of a unified mold selection system and a complete series of mold steel;

Third, improve metallurgical quality, increase varieties, specifications, bad materials, products, high-quality;

Fourth, strengthen the application of surface treatment technology of die steel.

Through these ways, I believe that China's mold steel quality will become increasingly high, and gradually with the international advanced level, the die steel in China can not only meet the domestic demand for steel mold industry, but also exported to overseas, a larger market space in overseas.

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