H13 die casting steel features

- Jul 19, 2017-

H13 die casting is a casting method for precision casting, size tolerance made by the casting of very small, the surface accuracy is very high, in most cases, casting without re turning to assembly applications, threaded parts can be directly cast out. From the general camera parts, typing parts, electronic calculators and accessories and other small parts, as well as automobiles, locomotives, aircraft and other transport parts, mostly by the die casting method.

Die casting also has the following disadvantages:

(1) die casting alloy is limited

The materials, mould materials and operation methods must also be studied.

(2) equipment cost is expensive

The equipment needed for die casting, such as die casting machines, melting furnaces, holding furnaces and die casting dies, is quite expensive.

(3) the tightness of the casting is poor

Because the melt filling to die in high speed, will produce turbulence phenomenon, local formation of pores or shrinkage, impact resistance of casting air tightness. At present, there is a method of IMPREGNATION processing, can be used to improve air tightness.

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