Hot work die steel is used

- Nov 14, 2017-

Hot work die steel for the manufacture of various hot forging dies, hot extrusion die and die-casting mold, working cavity surface temperature up to 600 ℃.


Working conditions and performance requirements

Hot molds operate under conditions of repeated heating and cooling and are subject to large impact loads, intense friction, inhomogeneous thermal and thermal stresses caused by violent hot and cold cycles, and high temperature oxidation, cracking, collapse and wear , Cracking and other failure forms, so there are higher requirements than the cold mold:

① comprehensive mechanical properties: high wear resistance and sufficient toughness.

② good high temperature performance: high thermosetting, high oxidation resistance, high thermal strength, and high thermal fatigue resistance to prevent cracking damage.

③ high hardenability: hot die generally larger, so it also requires hot die steel high hardenability.

④ good thermal conductivity: reduce thermal stress and avoid excessive cavity surface temperature.

Ingredient features

① Medium carbon: The carbon content of hot mold steels is in the range of medium carbon (0.50% -0.60%) and 0.30% for die-casting molds. This carbon content to ensure the hardness after quenching, as well as better toughness indicators.

② The main plus elements: Cr, Ni, Mn, Si, etc., to improve the hardenability of the mold surface hardness of the same, improve the tempering stability and solid solution strengthening effect.

③ other elements: adding Mo, W, V, such as the formation of carbide, resulting in secondary hardening, improve the wear resistance of the material. Mo can also prevent the second temper brittleness, improve the high temperature strength and tempering stability.

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