How to improve the quality of mold

- Nov 28, 2017-

How to improve the quality of mold

With the development of science and technology, mold technology applications are also constantly improving. Mold companies have been focused on improving the quality of die steel metallurgical research. So how to improve the quality of the mold?

Mainly in the following areas:

Smelting quality

For high-quality mold steel, widely used at home and abroad refining furnace, vacuum processing, vacuum smelting, dusting, electroslag remelting and other processes to reduce the harmful elements in steel, oxygen, hydrogen and inclusion content for chemical Fine adjustment of composition and pouring temperature. Electroslag remelting, but also can effectively improve the microstructure and density of steel to improve the die steel isotropic. For the special requirements of the steel mold, the use of powder metallurgy technology production of high-speed steel powder and powder high alloy die steel, can better improve the organization and properties of steel.

2 forging rolling process

In ensuring a certain forging on the basis of the ratio, as far as possible by upsetting forging and cross-rolling process to improve the isotropy of the mold material. In order to reduce the machining allowance, improve the utilization of materials, extensive use of precision forging machine, fast forging hydraulic press, high-precision rolling mill to provide high-precision steel to meet the needs of mold manufacturing.

3. Heat treatment and finishing

Forging, rolling the heat treatment, should be controlled atmosphere or vacuum heat treatment, to avoid oxidation decarbonization; for some plastic mold steel and hot work die steel, should be pre-hardened; for some high requirements hot die material should be prior To refine the organization, to eliminate the coarse carbides in the steel and chain-like distribution of carbide, carbide distribution to be fine, uniform organization to further improve the various properties of steel, especially the isotropic.

In addition, from the metallurgical quality of various parts of the steel to consider, the manufacture of molds, the mold should be noted that the main face (such as cavity or blade) to choose close to the surface of the steel; because in general, the surface of the steel is steel Clean parts, and the heart of the steel is the area where the defect of steel is more concentrated; especially in the large section of ledeburite steel, the eutectic carbide in the central part of the steel will be 2-3 times higher than the surface part level. Also, the mold is the main load direction to choose the best direction of deformation consistent with the steel to reduce the steel anisotropy of the adverse effects of the mold.

4 thermal conductivity

Thermal conductivity is one of the key performance indicators for hot work die steel and plastic mold steel. Good thermal conductivity of steel mold, the heat generated in the processing and processing of the workpiece came quickly spread the heat to avoid overheating the mold work surface to improve the working conditions of the mold.

For some thermoforming molds and some die-casting molds, in order to accelerate the pace of production, it is hoped that the pressed workpiece can be rapidly cooled and stripped to improve the productivity. In order to solve this problem, some mold materials with better thermal conductivity than steel are sometimes selected High-strength copper alloy, high-strength aluminum alloy.

5 concentrate and product

In order to shorten the mold manufacturing cycle, the mold manufacturing department in the purchase of mold steel, should use the best possible concentrate and products, such as peeled, cold drawn or grinding of refined steel, after roughing, finishing, and even finishing Quenching and tempering module. Mold manufacturing department to use these fine materials and products slightly processed, you can use the standard mold assembly. Can effectively shorten the mold manufacturing cycle, but also can reduce production costs and improve material utilization.

6. Reasonable choice of mold steel should be considered other factors

In the choice of mold steel, mold according to the conditions and requirements, in addition to the above factors must be considered, but also need to consider the use of mold steel prices and versatility.

Under normal circumstances, when the production of large quantities of workpieces, the smaller the size of the mold, mold steel mold manufacturing costs in the share of small, mold steel prices may not as a major consideration indicators, you can try to choose more high-end applicable Mold steel. For large or extra large molds with simple shapes, the cost of mold steel accounts for a large proportion of the total cost of the mold, so that the mold steel with lower price can be selected according to the batch of the production workpiece or the mold body can be selected Low prices of mold steel, and in the mold of the key parts of work, such as the cavity or edge, the use of inserts or surfacing method of high-end mold steel studded or surfacing up, both to improve the service life of the mold, But also reduce the cost of materials.

Mold steel versatility, but also the choice of mold steel must be considered. In addition to special requirements, as much as possible the use of mass production of universal mold steel. As the general technology of mold steel is more mature, the accumulated production process and experience in using more performance data is relatively complete, easy to design and manufacturing process for reference; In addition, the selection of universal mold steel, but also easy to purchase, preparation and material management jobs.

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