How to prevent heat treatment deformation of SKD61 die steel?

- Jul 19, 2017-

Influence of mold material

A factory sent a batch of Cr12MoV steel complex mold, mold with 60m of M hole, mold heat treatment, die hole appeared oval, resulting in mold scrap.

Generally speaking, Cr12MoV steel is a micro deformation steel, and no larger deformation should occur. The metallographic analysis of the deformed mould shows that there are a lot of eutectic carbides in the die steel, which is banded and blocky.

Elliptic die (deformation) causes this is because the die steel is uneven distribution of the carbide direction, carbide expansion coefficient than the matrix microstructure of 30%, heating it prevents mold hole expansion, cooling and prevent mold hole shrinkage, uneven deformation of the mold the die hole, the hole appeared oval.

Preventive measures: in the manufacture of sophisticated complex mold, we should try to choose carbide segregation of smaller die steel, not cheap, choose small steel production of poor quality steel. The mould steel with serious segregation of carbide should be rationally forged to break the carbide block, reduce the uneven distribution of carbide, and eliminate the anisotropy of the property. The hardened mould steel should be quenched, tempered and heat treated so as to obtain homogeneous, small and dispersed bainite structure, thus reducing the deformation of the complex die after heat treatment. For the larger size or can not be forged mold, we can use solid solution double refinement treatment, so that carbide refinement, uniform distribution, corner rounding, can reduce the deformation of the mold heat treatment purposes.

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