Introduction of die steel toughness

- Jul 19, 2017-

In the course of work, the die is subjected to impact loading, and in order to reduce the damage in the course of use, such as broken, broken edge and other forms, die steel is required to have certain toughness.

The chemical composition, mould steel, grain size, purity, quantity, carbides and inclusions such as morphology, size and distribution, bring great impact and heat treatment system and heat treatment of die steel after the microstructure factors on toughness of steel. In particular, the purity of steel and the deformation of hot working have more obvious influence on its lateral toughness. The toughness, strength and wear resistance of steel are often contradictory. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably select the chemical composition of steel, and adopt reasonable refining, heat treatment and heat treatment process, so as to make the mold material wear resistance, strength and toughness to achieve the best fit.

Impact toughness table shows the total energy absorbed by a specimen in the whole fracture process during a single impact. However, many tools are fatigue fracture under different working conditions. Therefore, the conventional impact toughness can not fully reflect the fracture properties of die steels. Small energy, multiple impact fracture work, or multiple fracture life and fatigue life testing techniques are being adopted.

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