The processing method of mould steel

- Jul 19, 2017-

As a professional die steel manufacturer, we produce a variety of steel materials, high-quality products for manufacturers to use assured, let us introduce you die steel processing methods.

Cold working dies include cold stamping dies, drawing dies, drawing dies, coining dies, rolling dies, rolling dies, cold heading dies and cold extrusion dies, etc.. Cold working die has steel, according to the working conditions of its manufacture, should have high hardness, strength, wear resistance, enough toughness, as well as high hardenability, hardenability and other process performance. Alloy steel used for such purposes is generally of high carbon alloy steel with a carbon content of more than 0.80%. Chromium is an important alloying element of this type of steel, and its mass fraction is usually no more than 5%. But for some wear resistance is high, after quenching deformation is small die steel, high chromium content up to 13%, and in order to form a large number of carbide and carbon content in steel is also very high, up to 2.0%~2.3%. The carbon content of cold work die steel is higher, and its microstructure is mostly eutectoid steel or bainitic steel. Steel commonly used with high carbon and low alloy steel, high carbon high chromium steel, chrome molybdenum steel, tungsten steel, medium carbon CR.

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