What is the difference between Cr12MoV and Cr12Mo1V1

- Dec 20, 2017-

What is the difference between Cr12MoV and Cr12Mo1V1

According to the national standard GB / T 221-2008 agreement, alloy tool steel grades are as follows.

Alloy tool steel grades usually consists of two parts:

The first part, the average carbon mass fraction of less than 1.00%, the use of a figure that carbon content (in a few thousandths of dollars). When the average mass fraction of carbon is not less than 1.00%, the carbon content is not indicated.

The second part, alloying elements and content, with the chemical element symbols and Arabic numerals, said the second part of the same alloy steel. That is to say, when the average mass fraction is less than 1.50%, only the elements are indicated in the grades, and the content is generally not indicated; the average mass fraction is 1.50% -2.49%, 2.50% -3.49%, 3.50% -4.49%, 4.50% -5.49% Isochronism, the alloy elements after the corresponding write 1,2,3,4,5 and so on.

Therefore, the difference between the two grades of Cr12MoV and Cr12Mo1V1 lies in that Mo and V have different labeling methods. The former is clearly listed according to the national recommended standards, and the content of Mo and V is less than 1.50% The two elements of the method of expression does not belong to the national recommended standard expressly agreed series, there may be manufacturers use this representation, the mass fraction should be the same as the former.

Cr12MoV; Chemical composition%: C1.45 ~ 1.70, Si less than or equal to 0.040, Mn less than or equal to 0.040, Cr11.50 ~ 13.00, p less than or equal to 0.030 and S less than or equal to 0.030; delivery status: Brinell hardness HBW10 / 3000 Equal to 255 ~ 207), quenching temperature: 950 ~ 1000; coolant: oil; Rockwell hardness GRC greater than or equal to 58 ;. Uses: hardenability, hardness after quenching and tempering, strength, toughness higher than the CR12, the diameter of 300 ~ 400mm below the work can be fully hardened, quenching deformation is small, but poor high temperature plastic. More for the manufacture of large cross-section, complex shape, heavier workload of the mold and tools such as punching die, trimming die, trimming die, die, thread rolling mold, thread rolling plate, standard tools and measuring tools .

Cr12Mo1V1 steel chemical composition (GB / T 1299-2000) ω /%

Component C Si Mn Cr Mo P S V Co

% 1.40 ~ 1.60 ≤0.60 ≤0.60 11.0 ~ 13.0 0.70 ~ 1.20 ≤0.030 ≤0.030 ≤1.10 ≤1.10

This steel, also known as die steel D2


High-carbon, high-chromium type of martensitic steel, cobalt is not required as a plus element without special requirements. As the content of molybdenum and vanadium is higher than that of Crl2MoV, the microstructure and grain size of steel are further refined and the hardenability, strength and toughness of steel are improved, so that the comprehensive properties of steel are better.


Used in the manufacture of large, complex cold dies requiring high abrasion resistance such as cold cut scissors, trimming dies, drawing dies, thread rolling dies, thread rolling dies, curling dies and dies and punches requiring high wear resistance.

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