Application Of Die Steel

- Jul 19, 2017-

Processing of the mold used, because the use of a wide range of mold, a variety of mold working conditions vary greatly, so the manufacture of materials used in a wide range of mold materials, the most widely used is die steel. From - like carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel, alloy structural steel, alloy tool steel, spring steel, high-speed tool steel, stainless steel mold until meet the special needs of maraging steel, high-speed steel powder, powder of high alloy die steel etc.. Die steel according to the general use can be divided into cold work die steel, hot die steel and plastic mold steel three major categories.

Cold work die steel

Cold work die steel is mainly used to make mould for pressing workpiece under cold condition. Such as: cold blanking die, cold stamping die, cold drawing deep mold, stamping die, cold extrusion die, thread pressing die and powder pressing mould, etc.. Cold work die steel has a wide range, from various carbon tool steels, alloy tool steels, high speed tool steels to powder high speed tool steels and powder high alloy die steels.

Hot work die steel

Hot work die steel is mainly used to manufacture dies for pressure processing of workpieces at high temperatures. Such as: hot forging die, hot extrusion die, die casting mould, hot upsetting die, etc.. Commonly used hot die steel is: medium, high carbon content of Cr, W, Mo, V and other alloy elements alloy mold steel; for special requirements of hot work die steel, and sometimes using high alloy austenitic heat-resistant die steel.

Plastic mould steel

Because of the variety of plastics, the requirements for plastic products vary greatly, and the plastic mold materials are also put forward a variety of performance requirements. Therefore, many industrial developed countries have formed a wide range of plastic mold steel series. Including carbon structural steel, carburizing type plastic mould steel, pre hardened plastic mould steel, aging hardening plastic mould steel, corrosion resistant plastic die steel, free cutting plastic die steel, hardened plastic mould steel, maraging steel and plastic mould steel with mirror polishing.

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