D2 Steel Die Steel Wholesale

- Oct 10, 2017-

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: 1.2379/D2/SKD11/X153CrMoV12

  • Technique: Hot Rolled

  • Thickness: Max:800mm

  • Length: 2000-4000mm

  • Application: Mould Steel

  • Certificate: ISO/Mill Certificate

  • Experience: Ten Years Manufacturer Exper

  • Origin: China

  • Standard: AISI, ASTM, DIN, JIS, GB, BS

  • Grade: Cold Work Steel

  • Width: 205-810mm

  • Brand Name: KAIXIN

  • Surface Treatment: Black/Peeling/Polishin

  • Service: Sample Free and 24 Hours Online

  • Specification: ISO/Mill certificate

D2 steel die steel wholesale
Hubei Kaixin Supply Chain managemet Co., Ltd. Long-term supply of various mold steel. The D2 steel can be used to manufacture large cross section, complex shape, can bear large impact force, requirements of high abrasion resistance of cold working die steel, such as silicon steel sheet die, cold cutting, trimming die. If you want to buy the D2 steel, please contact us by e-mail.

machining d2 tool steel
1.A/N/Q+T provide
2.Sample free
3.Black or Bright
4.T: Max:800mm W:205-810mm L:2000-4000mm

                Packaging Details:                seaworthy packing; 20ft: GW:17.5T; (5.80mX2.13mX2.18m,) 40ft: GW:22T; (11.8mX2.13mX2.18m,)
                Delivery Detail:4~7days after the order is confirmed

                1.2379(DIN)/JIS SKD 11/cold work machining d2 tool steel
                1.Specification of machining d2 tool steel
                       Round bar                Diameter(mm)                Length (mm)                 
                20~800                300~5800                 
                         Plate                Thickness(mm)                 Width (mm)                      Length (mm)   
                Max:800                205~810                2000~4000
The specification can be customised!
2.Chemical compositon of machining d2 tool steel
                NO.                C                  Mn                Si                Cr                Mo                V                P                   S
                GB                Cr12Mo1V1                1.40~1.6                ≤0.6                ≤0.6                11~13                0.7~1.2                0.5~1.1                ≤0.030                ≤0.030
                ASTM                D2                1.40~1.6                0.1~0.6                0.1~0.6                11~13                0.7~1.2                0.5~1.1                ≤0.030                ≤0.030
                JIS                SKD11                1.40~1.6                ≤0.6                ≤0.4                11~13                0.8~1.2                0.2~0.5                ≤0.030                ≤0.030
                EN ISO                X153CrMoV12                1.45~1.6                0.2~0.6                0.1~0.6                11~13                0.7~1.0                0.7~1.0                ≤0.030                ≤0.030
                DIN                1.2379                1.50~1.6                0.15~0.5                0.1~0.4                11~13                0.6~0.8                0.9~1.1                ≤0.030                ≤0.030
3.Delivery condition of machining d2 tool steel
        Standard Number                   Annealing                   Quenching                Cold drawn
                GB                Cr12Mo1V1                ≤255                ≥59                 
                ASTM                D2                ≤255                                 ≤269
                JIS                SKD11                ≤255                ≥58                 
                EN ISO                X153CrMoV12                ≤255                ≥61                 
                DIN                1.2379                ≤255                ≥61                 
4.Heat treatment of machining d2 tool steel
Isothermal annealing:
-Heat to 870-880°C;
-Furnace cooling to 760°Cand hold at temperature for at least 10 hours;
-Cool by 10°C/h to 720°C;
-Cooling in air.
Stress relieving:
To be carried out after machining and before the final heat treatment.
-Heat to 650-700°C, hold for 4/6 hours:
-Furnace cooling to 330-350°C;
-Cooling in air.
-Initial preheating to 350-450°C;
-Second preheating to 750-850°C
- Austenitizing at 1010-1040°Cor at 1080-1100°C;
-Cooling in air or in oil if large parts.
Tempering hardness: 62-66 HRC
    In the temperature range 150÷300°Cwith minimum holding time 3 h. For parts hardened
at 1080÷1100°C, a first tempering will be carried out at 500÷550°Cin order to exploit secon
dary hardness, followed by a second tempering at 180/300°C.
 5.Characteristic of machining d2 tool steel
(1)Good quenching resistance, heat deformation small, wear-resistant, impact resistant.
(2)Vacuum degassing refining processing pure steel.
(3)Spheroidizing softening process, good cutting performance.
(4)Strengthen the elements vanadium, molybdenum special join,
is extremely excellent in wear resistance.
6.Application of machining d2 tool steel
(1)Thickness of not more than 2MM sheet, efficient blanking die, punch die and pressure die etc.
(2)All kinds of scissors, inserts, woodworking blade.
(3)Thread rolling die and wear-resistant slider.
(4)Cold Heading Die, thermosetting resin molding.
(5)Molding in deep drawing cold extrusion dies.
(6)For pounch mold,knife mold,screw mold,chinaware mold

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