Die Steel Forging The Use Of Abrasive Steel

- Jul 19, 2017-

The steel used in die steel forging is of special steel, which is made of cold die, hot forging die and mould.

Mold is the main processing tool for the manufacture of parts in machinery, radios, meters, motors, electrical appliances and other industrial sectors. Steel mills produce special elements when they are made of die steel. Die steel forging die steel can be roughly divided into (cold work die steel), (hot working die steel) and (plastic mold steel) 3 categories, used for forging, stamping, cutting, die casting, etc.. Because of all kinds of mold for different purposes, complex working conditions and so on die steel, mould manufacturing according to their working conditions, should have the strength, hardness, high wear resistance, sufficient toughness, and high hardenability and hardenability and other technological properties. Because of the different uses and complicated working conditions, the performance requirements of the die steel are also different.

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