Key Points Of Aluminum Alloy Extrusion Die Heat Treatment And Design Analysis Of Die Steel

- Nov 24, 2017-

Key points of aluminum alloy extrusion die heat treatment and design analysis of die steel


In recent years, with the rapid progress of large-scale infrastructure investment and industrialization in our country, the output and consumption of the aluminum profile industry have been increasing rapidly. However, China has also become the largest aluminum production base and consumer market in the world. After nearly 10 years of rapid growth, China's aluminum profile industry has entered a new stage of development and has shown many new trends. Moreover, with the rapid development of the construction, transportation, automotive and solar energy and LED industries, the demand for high precision and high performance of aluminum alloy extrusion products is increasing day by day. As a result, the sectional shape of the profile is complicated and diversified, , There are many deficiencies. Therefore, to get high-quality profiles, you have to continuously learn and accumulate in production and life, and constantly transform and innovate.

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Aluminum extrusion die heat treatment quality directly affects the life of extrusion die, the mold is quenched "+" multiple tempering hardness requirements. Quenching is to improve the mold hardness, multiple tempering is to improve the toughness of the mold, and stabilize the internal organization. Large mold (f> 500mm), hrc45-48; Medium mold (f300 ~ 500mm), hrc47-50; Small extrusion die (f <300mm), hrc48-51; Point, the hardness value of each point should be calculated within the prescribed range of qualified.

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Extrusion die heat treatment process to pay special attention to several points:

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A, high-temperature section heating up faster, holding time can not be too long, to prevent over-heated or over-heated mold overheating - coarse grains, over-burning - low melting point elements and inclusions dissolved;

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B, aluminum extrusion mold quenching after tempering to prevent cracks;

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C, extrusion die heat treatment found that hardness is not enough or uneven hardness, should be annealed, according to the process of re-heat treatment (when the hardness value

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D, a large aluminum extrusion die or cavity complex finished mold should be added to a stress-relief tempering process (to eliminate electrical processing, machining stress, that is, to eliminate thermal stress and tissue stress).


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