Mold Steel Industry Trends

- Nov 11, 2017-

Mold steel industry trends

The strategic goal of the development of China's die steel is: the use of advanced equipment and technology, the use of advanced metallurgical methods and processes, such as furnace refining, ESR, vacuum processing, multi-direction Wrought, precision forging, finishing, producing pure Degree of high-quality steel; increase the production of high uniformity, high-oriented modules, flat steel, square steel, sheet and so on. Through the machining, quenching and other methods to provide product, the quality of the mold steel products. China's abundant alloy resources and labor resources into mold steel product advantages, enhance the competitiveness of the international market and expand exports.

Shang Pu consulting machinery industry analysts pointed out: At present, many new types of die steel, but the development of new die steel space is still very large. Moreover, there are some new mold steel need to be improved. For example, in recent years the rapid development of research and development of low prices, high wear resistance, strong enough toughness of the ceramic, refractory brick mold steel is also an urgent need to solve the problem.

With the variety of mold just product variety, mold conditions complicated conditions, the rational selection of timber is more important and urgent. Therefore, the urgent need to establish a mold material selection expert system.

China's plastic industry is developing rapidly, plastic products are widely used in agriculture, machinery, chemicals, construction, toys, daily necessities, automobiles, lamps, household appliances, and other large demand, high quality requirements, with the corresponding rapid plastic mold steel demand Increase, the use of steel performance, process performance also put forward higher requirements. At present, the selection of plastic mold more chaotic, random, random, affecting the life of the mold, but also affect the quality of plastic products and market competitiveness, the urgent need to develop, introduce, supplement and improve the steel, the establishment of suitable plastics in China Mold steel series, the plastic mold steel smelting, quality control, supply, material selection, processing and use of a new level.

According to Shangpu Consulting released "2009-2012 China mold steel industry market analysis and development forecast report" shows: After the mold steel surface treatment allows it to maintain the original composition and performance of the heart on the basis of the mold, but also given The special use of the mold surface properties, which greatly improve the service life of the mold, broaden the scope of application of die steel, die steel can also be low prices to replace the high price of die steel, it has broad application prospects, by the world's attention. At the same time, our country should increase the research on the basic theory and application of surface treatment, and adopt advanced equipment and technology in the hope that it will be widely used in molds with various types and high-quality surface treatments.

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