Mold Steel Performance Requirements

- Sep 15, 2017-

  Die steel is used to make cold die, hot forging die die mold and other steel. What kind of mold steel count

Is superior performance, you need to have the following eight performance requirements:

  First, the annealing process

  Spherical annealing temperature range is wide, the annealing hardness is low and the fluctuation range is small, the spheroidizing rate is high

  Second, malleable

  With a low hot forging deformation resistance, good plastic, forging temperature range, forging cracking and precipitation of carbonization

Things tend to low.

  Third, oxidation, decarburization sensitivity

  High temperature heating, good resistance to oxidation, decarburization speed is good, not sensitive to the heating medium, resulting in pits tend to small.

  Fourth, cutting processing

  Cutting the amount of large, low tool loss, low surface roughness

  Fifth, hardenability

  After quenching can get a deeper hardened layer, the use of moderate quenching medium can be hardened

  Six, grindable

  Grinding wheel relative loss is small, no burn limit grinding large amount of grinding wheel quality and cooling quality is not sensitive, not easy

Abrasion and grinding cracks.

  Seven, hardened

  After quenching with uniform and high surface hardness

  Eight, quenching deformation cracking tendency

  Conventional quenching volume change is small, shape warpage, distortion is slight, abnormal deformation tendency is low. Conventional quenching cracking

Low sensitivity, the quenching temperature and the shape of the workpiece is not sensitive.

  Only after the tempered mold steel is really qualified and durable products.

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