Cold Work Steel/1.2080

- Oct 09, 2017-

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Standard: DIN

  • Surface Treatment: Blackface

  • Application: Mold & Dies

  • Stock: Stock

  • Certification: ISO

  • Technique: Cold Rolled

  • Special Use: Cutting Tools

Cr12Flat Bars or Round Bars
Size Range:
Flat Bar:(1-400)*(30-1030)mm
Round Bar:Φ10Φ600
Chemical Composition(%):


Delivery Contidion:
Annealed black surface,hardness≤255HB,or according to technical specification in sales contracts.
1.It is a kind of widely-used cold work die steel,which belongs to a type of ledeburite steel with high carbon and high chromium.
2.It boast good harden ability and good wear resistance with small quenching deformation.
3.While,it has poor impact toughness and is easier to get embrittlement and heterogeneous eutectic carbide.
It is mainly used in cold work dies with high wear resistance and small impact load,punches,cold-cutting scissors,drill bushings,gauges,wortles,coining dies,wire-drawing plates,drawing die and thread dies,etc.

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