The Difference Between D2 And D3 Cold Work Die Steel

- Jul 19, 2017-

D2 cold work tool steel can be used to manufacture large cross-section, complex shape, subject to the impact of large, high wear resistance of the cold mold, which is characterized by a high wear resistance, hardenability, micro-deformation, high thermal stability, High bending strength, second only to high-speed steel, is the die, cold heading die and other important materials.

D3 cold work tool steel is high carbon, high chrome steel, with high wear resistance, hardenability, hardenability, toughness, thermal stability, compressive strength, micro-deformation and other characteristics. D3 is a comprehensive performance excellent, with good machining and thermal oxidation performance of cold work die steel. Wide adaptability, high wear resistance, higher than the average low alloy tool steel three to four times, after quenching the size of good stability.

D2 and D3 belong to the United States imported mold steel, are cold for mold steel, but in the metal element ratio made a fine adjustment, used to suit different needs, in the surface and probably useful features on the difficult to see it .

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