These Advanced Steels- Are Listed In The Catalog

- Oct 30, 2017-

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued "the first batch of key new materials application demonstration directory (2017 edition)". Xiaobian found that there are 13 kinds of advanced steel materials included in the catalog, including new high-performance boring machine tool steel, high-grade bearing steel, etc .; advanced non-ferrous metal materials, titanium a total of six, including large-size titanium alloy castings , Wide titanium alloy plate; rare earth functional materials a total of 11 species, including industrial flue gas rare earth and SCR rare earth vanadium-free denitrification catalyst.

According to the Ministry of Industry and other four departments issued earlier this year, "New Materials Industry Development Guide" to study the first batch of new materials to apply the application of insurance compensation mechanism, regularly publish the first batch of key new application materials demonstration directory, the construction of a number of new materials production applications Demonstration platform, organizations to carry out new materials application demonstration, speed up the release of new materials market demand. On the "directory" in the application of products to promote the provision of quality, responsibility and other risk underwriting.

Advanced steel materials

New type of high performance boring machine tool steel

Performance: A, C inclusions ≤ 0.5 grade, B, D inclusions ≤ 1.5; tensile strength> 2000MPa, heat treatment hardness> 56HRC, impact toughness Aku> 20J

Application areas: machinery


High - grade bearing steel

Performance: O ≤ 7ppm, Ti ≤ 15ppm, inclusions A + B + C + D ≤ 2, the largest particle inclusions DS ≤ 0.5, 4.5GPaherz stress under the contact fatigue life L10 ≥ 5 × 10 ^ 7 times.

Application areas: automotive, home appliances


Rail for high - speed rail axles

Performance: smooth specimen and notched specimen 10 ^ 7 cycles of bending bending fatigue strength limit of more than 350MPa and 215MPa, full-size fatigue performance requirements: shaft outer surface force ≥ 240MPa to complete 10 ^ 7 cycles after the crack produce.

Application areas: railway


High Performance Oil Well Casing for Oil and Gas Extraction

Performance: Yield strength 758 ~ 862MPa, -10 ℃ Full-scale impact energy ≥ 60J; At 180 ℃, 3.5MPaCO2, flow rate 1m / s corrosion conditions, corrosion rate ≤ 0.25mm / a.

Application areas: oil and gas exploration


Large caliber quick shackle casing

Performance: diameter 508mm, yield strength Rt 0.5 is 379 ~ 552MPa, buckle efficiency than API thread 20% higher.

Application areas: oil and gas exploration

High quality welding consumables

Performance: nickel-based 690 welding consumables: tensile strength of 550 ~ 750MPa; nickel-based 625, nickel-based 276 and nickel-based 620 welding consumables: tensile strength ≥ 690MPa, a test pass rate of> 99%.

Applications: nuclear power, thermal power, gas turbine

Special sealing tape

Performance: meet the honeycomb seal, brush wire seal, W-type seal and C-type sealing material standard, wire diameter 0.07 ~ 0.2mm, foil thickness of 0.05 ~ 0.15mm.

Applications: nuclear power, gas turbines, engines

High nitrogen stainless steel for marine engineering and nuclear power

Performance: stainless steel powder nitrogen content ≥ 0.6%; hot isostatic pressing process preparation, porosity ≤ 0.3%, tensile strength ≥ 900MPa, yield strength ≥ 650MPa, elongation ≥ 40%, PRE ≥ 40.

Applications: Offshore oil, nuclear power

High - end hot work die steel for automobiles

Performance: phosphorus content ≤ 0.010%, sulfur content ≤ 0.003%, A, C inclusions ≤ 0.5, B, D inclusions fine ≤ 1.5, coarse ≤ 1.0, steel transverse V-notch impact Weight ≥ 13.6J, transverse and longitudinal ratio ≥0.85, spheroidal tissue AS1 ~ AS4, band tissue grade SB grade.

Applications: Automotive

Special Seamless Steel Tube

Performance: ultra-supercritical thermal power units with high-pressure boiler tubes (heat-resistant stainless steel Surper304, S740, HR3C, etc.), nuclear power plant evaporator tube (corrosion steel 690U tube). High temperature ≥ 25MPa, high temperature ≥ 600 ℃, lead, tin, arsenic, antimony, bismuth single element content <30ppm, the total content of <120ppm, corrosion resistance, long life and other properties to achieve the international leading level.

Application areas: thermal power, nuclear power

High - precision high - temperature alloy pipe

Performance: oxygen content ≤15ppm, sulfur content ≤ 50ppm, phosphorus content ≤ 50ppm, material loose and segregation <0.5, yield strength ≥ 310MPa, tensile strength ≥ 690MPa, outside diameter tolerance ± 0.1mm, wall thickness tolerance (+ 10% , -5%).

Application areas: aviation

Liquefied natural gas ship and shoreline took over the special steel tank

Performance: nickel content of 8.5 ~ 10%, phosphorus content ≤ 0.005%, sulfur content ≤ 0.002%, yield strength ≥8585MPa, tensile strength 680 ~ 820MPa, elongation ≥ 18%, - 196 ℃ low impact energy ≥ 100J.

Application areas: marine engineering, energy equipment

Marine corrosion resistant steel

Performance: under the floor of the annual corrosion rate <1mm, 25% on the roof corrosion rate <2mm, including steel (thickness 8 ~ 40mm), matching welding consumables and profiles.

Application areas: ship


Large size titanium alloy castings

Performance: contour size and width> 2500mm, the largest single weight> 1200kg, tensile strength> 895MPa, yield strength> 825MPa, elongation> 6%, Brinell hardness> 365.

Applications: Marine and marine engineering

Wide titanium alloy plate

(<3000) × (<3000) mm ^ 3, the plate size (0.5 ~ 4.75) × (<1800) × (<3000) mm ^ 3, the anti- Tensile strength> 895MPa, yield strength> 830MPa, elongation> 8%.

Application areas: aviation, marine engineering

High strength and high toughness titanium alloy for oil well pipe

Performance: Includes 110ksi strength grade titanium tubing with a service life of 15 years.

Application areas: oil and gas

Large rolls of pure titanium tape

Performance: width ≥ 1000mm, single volume weight> 3t, grade Gr.1 mechanical properties: tensile strength ≥ 240MPa, yield strength 138 ~ 310MPa, elongation ≥ 24%; grade Gr.2 mechanical properties: tensile strength ≥ 3.45MPa, Yield strength of 275 ~ 450MPa, elongation ≥ 20%.

Applications: marine engineering, desalination, nuclear power

Thin - walled titanium and titanium alloy welded pipe

Performance: in line with GB / T3625 requirements, typical wall thickness specifications 0.5mm and 0.8mm.

Application areas: desalination

High temperature titanium alloy

Performance: room temperature performance: tensile strength ≥ 1100MPa, yield strength ≥ 950MPa, elongation ≥ 8%, elastic modulus ≥ 110GPa, impact toughness ≥ 10J / cm 2; high temperature 650 ℃ Performance: tensile strength ≥ 650MPa, yield strength ≥ 580MPa, elongation ≥12%, surface shrinkage ≥25%, elastic modulus ≥ 90GPa.

Application areas: high-end equipment

Rare earth functional materials

High performance rare earth luminescent materials

Performance: High-end display with a new type of luminescent material: meet the display color gamut more than 95% NTSC application requirements to meet the 600mA / mm 2 high-density energy to stimulate the application needs, at 120 ℃ higher than the aluminate phosphor brightness attenuation rate decreased by 50%. Biological agriculture lighting luminous materials: to meet the 360 ~ 460nm LED chip excitation, light emission wavelength of 400 ~ 800nm, luminous intensity to meet the fruit growth and plant growth required photophysiological needs.

Application areas: new display, bio-agricultural lighting

High performance NdFeB permanent magnet

Performance: grain boundary diffusion Dy / Tb series, 52SH products, integrated heavy rare earth content (1Tb = 2Dy) <1wt%; 45UH products, integrated heavy rare earth content <4wt%; 44EH products, integrated heavy rare earth content <8.5 wt%; BH + Hcj> 75, the product performance to the international advanced level; high-performance radiation and multi-pole magnetic ring magnetic properties: remanence Br ≥ 13.7kGs, intrinsic coercivity Hcj ≥ 12kOe, the maximum magnetic energy product (BH) max ≥ 25MGOe, high coercive force and multi-pole magnetic ring magnetic properties: remanence Br ≥ 12kGs, intrinsic coercivity Hcj ≥ 25kOe, maximum magnetic energy product (BH) max ≥ 35MGOe; multi-polar anisotropic magnetic ring: Diameter ratio: 0.1 ~ 0.9, peak> 6000Gs; high and low temperature demagnetization: -20 ℃ insulation 1 hour and then rose to 180 ℃ insulation 1 hour, 10 cycles, product magnetic performance irreversible loss <5%; magnetic ring maximum height> 50mm ; Extreme magnetic density non-uniformity ≤ 3%; corrosion resistance: HAST experiment, the temperature 130 ℃, pressure 0.26MPa, humidity 95%, 240h weight loss <1mg / cm ^ 2.

Application areas: new energy vehicles, high-speed rail, robots, consumer electronics

New cerium magnet

(BH) max ≥ 24MGOe, coercivity ≥ 10kOe, when the cerium content is less than or equal to 30% of the total amount of rare earth, (BH) max (MGOe) + Hcj (kOe) ≥50 and cerium substitution ≥50%

Application areas: household appliances

Industrial flue gas rare earth and SCR rare earth vanadium - free catalyst

Performance: transverse compressive strength ≥ 0.55MPa, longitudinal compressive strength ≥ 1.5MPa, rare earth content> 5%, denitrification rate ≥ 92%, flue gas temperature range of 310 ~ 450 ℃, life> 3 years.

Application areas: chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection

AB type rare earth hydrogen storage alloy

Performance: AB5 type rare earth hydrogen storage alloy at room temperature reversible capacity> 1.5wt%, Mg base containing rare earth alloy maximum hydrogen storage capacity> 6wt%, life> 2500 times; A2B7 hydrogen storage alloy initial capacity> 390mAh / g, Capacity retention rate of 90% or more, temperature range of -20 ~ 50 ℃.

Application areas: new energy

Ultra - high purity rare earth materials and products

Performance: ultra-high purity rare earth metal materials: more than 60 kinds of major impurities, the absolute purity of> 99.99%, the total amount of gas impurities <100ppm; ultra-high purity rare earth metal deep processing products: the maximum size of profiles up to 300mm; absolute purity> 99.95 %, Average grain size <200μm.

Application areas: electronic information field

High performance cerium zirconium oxygen storage material

Performance: Product surface area> 80m ^ 2 / g, oxygen storage capacity> 500μmolO2 / g, and has high high temperature thermal stability, 1000 ℃, 10 hours after high temperature aging surface> 40m2 / g, oxygen storage> 350μmolO2 / g, product consistency requirements deviation <2%. The overall performance of cerium and zirconium products meets the requirements for the use of automotive exhaust gas purification catalysts.

Applications: Automotive

Rare earth compounds

Properties: high purity rare earth compounds: absolute purity> 99.995%, relative purity> 99.999%; ultra-high purity rare earth oxides: rare earth purity> 99.9995%, CaO <2ppm, Fe2O3 <1ppm, SiO2 <2ppm; High purity rare earth fluoride coating material: absolute purity> 99.99%, relative purity> 99.995%, oxygen content <100ppm; high purity scandium oxide: absolute purity> 99.99%, particle size D50 = 0.6 ~ 1.4μm; ultrafine powder rare earth oxide: relative purity> 99.99%, particle size D50 = 30 ~ 100nm, dispersion (D90 ~ D10) / (2D50) = 0.5 ~ 1.

Applications: Functional crystals, integrated circuits, infrared detectors, fuel cells, ceramic capacitors

Special rare earth alloys

Performance: rare earth magnesium alloy, purity> 99.95%, elongation ≥ 15%, yield strength ≥ 250MPa, tensile strength ≥ 280MPa.

Applications: aerospace, electronic communications, transportation

High - end rare earth functional crystal

Performance: rare earth scintillation crystal: Ce: LYSO crystal size Φ80 × 200mm ^ 3, decay time ≤ 42ns, light output ≥ 28photons / kev; rare earth doped fiber laser: the average output power> 150W, the central wavelength of 1.92 ~ 1.99μm, spectral bandwidth <3nm, beam quality M2 ≤ 1.5, power stability ± 2%.

Application areas: medical equipment, geological exploration

Rare earth polishing material

Performance: high-grade rare earth polishing liquid, powder CeO2 content ≥ 99.9%, grain size ≤ 30nm, the shape close to the spherical, polishing liquid particle size D50 = 50 ~ 300nm, Dmax <500nm, harmful impurity ion concentration <40ppm, silicon wafer polishing speed ≥ 100nm / min, surface roughness Ra ≤ 1nm, high-performance glass substrate polishing rate ≥ 25nm / min, surface roughness Ra ≤ 0.5nm.

Application areas: electronic information

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