What Is The Allowable Temperature Of Hot Work Die Steel?

- Jul 19, 2017-

What is the allowable temperature of the graded quenching of hot work die steel at 550 DEG C and 850 DEG C two times preheating?. 2) 1180~1200 degrees high temperature heating quenching oil, oil cold to 200 degrees or so out, empty air after a few minutes tempering immediately. 3) 580 DEG C * 2h+560 DEG C * 2H two tempering. After the second tempering is cold and clean at room temperature, add 240 DEG x 2H to stress tempering, then it is beneficial to eliminate the wire cutting cracks.

After processing, the hardness is 50 ~ 51HRC, and the hot working die steel can be used for more than 3200 precision forging gears, and the service life is increased by more than 3 times compared with the conventional treatment die. After the EDM or wire cutting of the 3Cr2W8V mold, and then with 200 * 4H * low temperature oil tempering, you can clear the stress, but also to extend the life of the mold. 3Cr2W8V steel mirror alloy die casting die salt bath quenching process because zinc alloy die-casting die when the cavity temperature is not more than 400 DEG C, so quenching temperature should not be too high. The specific operation rules for hot working die steel are as follows: (1) preheat 600 DEG C, 850 DEG C, two bath salt preheating. (2) quenching and tempering 1050~1100 degrees heating, quenching oil, oil cold to 200 degrees or so, oil and air cooling, quenching hardness is 51 ~ 54HRC; 580 degrees Celsius * 2H * 3 times


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